Assignment 1

Assignment 1: Pre-Survey on the Course

Due: 3/18, 2pm (Wed)

What do I do?

Complete a pre-course survey. Describe your research experience, your expectations for this course, etc

How do I submit?

Assignment 2

Assignment 2: Area Selection

Due: 3/25, 2pm (Wed)

What do I do?

Choose a research area for the purpose of this course (you are free to select a different area for your research career!).
We provide you with the list of areas and a top conference for each area. You should browse through the most recent (2019 or 2020) program of conferences that interest you from the given list.

Submit a max-500 word essay describing (i) why you chose that area and (ii) the research trend you noticed from the conference.

How do I submit?

  • KLMS
  • Assignment 3

    Assignment 3: Paper Selection

    Due: 4/6, 2pm (Mon)

    What do I do?

    From the research area and corresponding conference you selected in Assignment 2, choose a paper that excites you the most.

    Submit (i) a max-500 word essay describing why you think it’s a good paper, major contributions of the paper, your critique, etc., and (ii) PDF of the paper

    How do I submit?

  • KLMS
  • Assignment 4

    Assignment 4: Rewriting the Abstract

    Due: 4/15, 2pm (Wed)

    What do I do?

    Re-write (not revise) the abstract of the paper you selected in Assignment 3. In your submission, include the title and author information of the paper, the original abstract, and your abstract.
    Some of your writings will be discussed in the writing workshop.

    How do I submit?

  • KLMS
  • Assignment 5

    Assignment 5: Writing a Research Proposal

    Due: 5/25, 2pm (Mon)

    What do I do?

  • Write a proposal with your research ideas to improve the paper you selected in Assignment 3, using the provided format(docx , pdf). (max 4 pages + references)
  • We provide three sample proposals you can refer to(KLMS). BUT please avoid sharing or disclosing them outside.
  • We will use HotCRP for managing conference review process. The HotCRP account has been sent to your KAIST e-mail.
  • Each proposal will be reviewed by three classmates on Assignment 7.
  • How do I submit?

  • HotCRP
  • Assignment 6

    Assignment 6: Writing a Resume

    Due: 6/8, 2pm (Mon)

    What do I do?

    Write a customized resume for a specific job posting. Job postings are provided. Some resumes will be discussed during the resume workshop.

    Job posting list

    For undergraduate students

    For graduate students

    • Find your internship position:
    • In "Current career opportunities in research," you can filter an internship program using "Filter by Position Type." Find the internship program you want and write your resume.
    • You have to submit your resume with your intern job posting.

    How do I submit?

  • KLMS
  • Assignment 7

    Assignment 7: Reviewing Proposals

    Due: 6/15, 2pm (Mon)

    What do I do?

    Write a review of 3 proposals written by your classmates.

    Common pitfalls to avoid

    • Write your reviews in the third person. Avoid “I think that …”, instead say “The reviewer is of the opinion that …”
    • Do not write your review as bullet points. Please write complete statements.
    • Be careful of writing blanket statements such as “This work has been already done before”. Please provide proper attribution (i.e. publicly available references) for such statements.
    • Please adhere to review templates. The panel can work much faster if you write the appropriate content in each section, instead of mixing up content.
    • Ensure your reviews are in before panel starts. A proposal cannot be discussed with missing reviews.

    How do I submit?

  • HotCRP
  • Assignment 8

    Assignment 8: Survey on the Course

    Due: 6/24, 2pm (Wed)

    What do I do?

    Complete a post-course survey. Describe how your view on research has changed after taking this course, what you liked and disliked, your suggestion for the future course, etc.

    How do I submit?